Boat Storage Rates

The rates listed below are valid for October 1st to May 15th, effective August 2018.

Rates include haul out, spring launch and bottom pressure wash (no acidizing). Due to unstable fuel rates, a one-time $25 fuel surcharge may be added to all hauling/launching accounts.


Stored inside, tucked away from notorious Lake Michigan winds and snow, this is the safest way to store your boat during the off season.

Multiply length x beam x $4.90 per square foot (we haul and we store)
Multiply length x beam x $3.50 per square foot, on your trailer (you haul and we store)
$120 per month in 40′ barn – entire bay (annual price only)
$150 per month in 48′ barn – entire bay (annual price only)


With the right preparation, your craft is secure on our eight acres of land in South Haven. Frequent monitoring means less potential for an unwelcome surprise in the spring. A shrink wrap is strongly recommended to provide the best mix of protection from the elements and proper ventilation.

Multiply length x beam x $3.25 per square foot

Rates below include storage only. Winterization, washing, hauling and launching available at additional cost. All dinghies on trailers will be charged for storage.

Trailerable Craft

Outside storage on your trailer, available fall through Memorial Day.

Multiply length x beam x $2.50 sq.ft.

All boats stored outside must be shrink wrapped or left uncovered. No tarps please.

RV and Vehicle Storage is available for $50 per month, outside only.

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