Winterizing is the most important process to make sure your craft is ready for another great season on Lake Michigan!


Engine (typical) $110 plus materials
Water Systems (typical) $60 – $150 plus materials (based on system size)
A/C System $60 plus materials
Head $20 if system is empty – Pump-out extra
Generator $100 plus materials


Oil Change at winterization $130.00 (includes oil and filters)
Masts Not included in storage pricing, subject to stepping and unstepping fees of $100 per service
Head Pump Out $25.00


A shrink wrap must be built with both wind and snow in mind, plus special care for venting to prevent mildew. Maple Grove Marine Storage works closely with North Star to provide a well-built shrink wrap that will protect your craft. Covers that split, tear, collapse or blow off in winds less than 40 mph will be repaired free of charge by the experts at North Star.

For shrink wrap pricing, please contact us with the details of your watercraft.

Your safety on Lake Michigan is our top priority. If our experienced staff notices any items that need work or attention, you will be notified immediately and given the option to let us proceed or decline the work recommended.